Worst Honeymoon in Vegas VS Amos & Andrew

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Worst Honeymoon in Vegas VS Amos & Andrew

It’s the last VERSUS episode before the CAGE FIGHT FINALE!  The Cagefighters give you all your favorite Nic Cage updates, followed by a rundown of two COMEDIES for a change. In Honeymoon in Vegas, Nic Cage puts his almost wife Sarah Jessica Parker up as collateral in an obviously rigged poker game. When he loses, he realizes he won’t be getting any sex in this city. In Amos & Andrew, underage girl chaser Nicky Amos Cage is given another chance at freedom when Samuel L’Andrew Jackson is mistaken for an ANTIFA home invader. While holding Jackson at gunpoint, Cage attempts to solve the problems of racism in this knee-slapper of a movie you will just cherish forever.  (RIP Chadwick Boseman)


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